Cosmic Byte Thunder Wireless Gamepad For PC Compatible with All Windows Games

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 Elevate your game with the New Cosmic Byte Thunder Wireless Gaming
Controller for PC. The Thunder Gamepad is compatible with all Windows Games
and comes integrated with X-Input and Direct-Input support, giving you a hassle
free console gaming experience. Also compatible with PlayStation3, Android
(based on mobile device manufacturer), Windows-8 and above.


Model Thunder
Brand Cosmic Byte
Interface Wireless 2.4GHz
No.of Buttons 12 numeric buttons
Battery Life 380 mAh battery
  • Uninterrupted Gaming for those epic overnight sessions with the 380 mAh
    Li-Polymer battery powering your gameplay for up to 12 hours!Wireless 2.4GHz technology with a range of up to 8 meters
  • Go guns blazing with the “Rapid Fire” - Touch Activated Turbo Mode.
  • Switchable (on/off) LED Backlighting on the ABXY buttons, LED Collar and Home Button gives the Thunder Gamepad a stunning look.
  • The premium Matt Finish
    and Rubberized ergonomic design engage you with a great tactile feel in your hands.
  • Experience twice the functionality with Two 360° Analog Joysticks!
  • The “Couch-Friendly” Thunder Gamepad comes with a Plug-&-Forget Nano USB receiver commanding a healthy range of up to 8 meters, so now you can sit back and enjoy - wirelessly!
  • charged in under 3-hours.